The Community Bible Reading Journal

The CBR Journal is a tool designed to help you connect with God through His word and connect to God’s family in his word daily.

Each day we...1 - Surrender through Prayer2 - Listen to the Scriptures3 - Pray through our Pen (A.C.T.S.)4 - Prepare for Gospel Community

The leather cover protects the contents from real life while showing the effects of life.

The first nine pages explain the What, Why and How of The CBR Journal. The CBR Journal is spreading through life on life relationship and the Introduction helps participants share and enjoy this life-giving tool with family and friends.

Where can I get one? 

Visit the Connect Table in the back of the Worship Space next time you’re at the gathering and you can pick up a copy of the Community Bible Reading journal.

How much is there to read each day? 

It’s simple! One Old Testament Passage, and one New Testament passage every day of the week. Saturdays have 1 Psalm to meditate on, and there are no scheduled readings on Sunday.

Here’s a PDF printable schedule.

How do I use the Community Bible Reading Journal? 

There is a great series of videos by the Community Bible Reading Journal team here. Here you can learn more about what it is, why to use it, and how to use it to grow deeper in your relationship with God.