As followers of Christ, we’re called to gather together. We're meant to be together, to learn, to worship, to pray for each other, and to encourage each other-- TO BE LOVED AND LOVE. With Governor Hutchinson's announcement that houses of worship are able to have in-person services again, we have been diligently working on an approach for a safe and meaningful reopening that will honor the CDC’s recommendations for social distancing and best health and safety practices. We're excited to enter this phase of gathering together!
Continuing to worship online may be the best option for some of you, and we will make that possible. But if you're healthy and do not have any of the limiting situations (please see below), we encourage you to prayerfully consider joining us in-person!



• Our volunteers will be wearing masks as they assist you and ensure safety precautions are followed.

• Doors will be held open or propped open by volunteers with masks to minimize participants touching surfaces.

• We will not be passing the offering plate. A giving box will be available, and other resources can be accessed digitally (sermon notes, connect card, giving online, etc.)

• Refreshments will not be served, but communion will be served by volunteers wearing masks.

• Children’s Ministry will not be available during this time. We encourage you to bring crayons/markers for your children or other quiet activities to keep them busy.

• Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance; restrooms will be sanitized, and a limited amount of people may enter at a time.


• Bring and wear your own mask if you have one. Masks are required for everyone 10 years old and up. Masks will be available if you forget or are without one.

• Sanitize your hands at our sanitation stations at entrances.

• Confirm that you are healthy with your personal doctor and do not attend if you have any symptoms of any illness within the past 14 days.

• Have patience with everyone. Our mission as a church is to be loved and love. This includes others who have different convictions and comfort levels for what our return to church should be like. Choose to love.


While we'd love to see each of you this weekend, we know there are some limitations that may prevent you from attending. Please review the following limitations. If you find yourself in one of the categories, please prayerfully consider worshiping online only.

• You are over the age of 65
• You are at risk or have a compromised immune system
• You are sick or have been around anyone that has been sick
• You are pregnant
• You are more comfortable worshiping at home

Whether or not you are able to return to physical gatherings at this time, the most important thing is that we stay spiritually and relationally connected as a church family – in person or online!

Have Questions?

We realize that we may have left a few things uncovered, or that you may wish to chat with someone about your particular concerns. We welcome that-- this is new territory for all of us, and we value your opinion.

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